“The History of Bacon” CD Release Party was so much fun! Thanks to El Mercado Backstage, and the super attentive audience!

I expected many folks would have Thanksgiving activities, and would miss the show. 
Despite that, the show was extra special! Great crowd, most of whom had the CD, so there were some “sing a longs”! All of my family were there, along with some Bubble Puppy, and some Eggmen! My band played better than ever, and I had a great night singing. I was able to get the meanings of the songs across, and my voice was behaving and doing what I told it to! And thanks to the Fabulous Jacks!

“I got a taste of fame, when I was just a kid…”

Thus begins this journey inside the mind of David Fore.  Prepare yourself – it’s a unique place to be.

David’s “taste of fame” began as an original member of Bubble Puppy of “Hot Smoke and Sassafras” fame, a record which hit #14 on the national US charts in 1969, and his drumming for that band gained him entrance into the Austin Chronicle’s Hall of Fame.  

After Bubble Puppy, David’s band D-Day enjoyed #1 status on DJ Rodney Bingenheimer’s Rodney on the Rock show on KROQ in Los Angeles with “Too Young To Date,” which David co-wrote.  This led to a trip to England resulting in the 1983 release of the band’s eponymous LP on A&M Records. His subsequent work with The Eggmen has garnered him 11 wins in the “Best Cover Band” category of the Chronicle’s music poll, where he consistently lands in the Top 5 of the “Best Drummer” category.

Although drumming is his madness, Dave has always played the guitar as well.  But he didn’t get really serious about making music on six strings until 2017, when the muses unexpectedly chose to shine their lights on him, and ten songs mysteriously appeared in his previously drum-centric brain.  Seriously. These songs just showed up.  What songwriter wouldn’t love that?

The contents of this little silver disc are the result of that unexpected creative gusher, and David decided – in typical unpredictable Fore fashion — to gather them under the collective title, The History of Bacon.  Because why not?