DF&F at South Austin Museum of Popular Culture

Join us for the May Day Free Concert at SouthPop, featuring David Fore and John Inmon!

Doors open at 6pm, David Fore and Friends will open at 7pm and John Inmon will go on at 8pm. Concert is free and open to the public. There will be beer, wine, and refreshments for donations.

Please join us for this opportunity to celebrate and enjoy Austin’s music legacy, and good company.  

1516 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

The South Austin Museum of Popular Culture is a Texas 501 nonprofit organisation dedicated to collecting, preserving, and exhibiting art and memorabilia that reflect Austin’s eclectic contributions to popular culture worldwide. SouthPop champions Austin artists who were mainly responsible for “weird” Austin. Wikipedia

David Fore & Friends rock Threadgill’s North Saturday May 4th!

Threadgill’s North is a surprisingly intimate “listening” room for live music, and bands/audiences love it. You can arrive early and eat, then check out my band “David Fore & Friends.” We will make you laugh, cry, and wonder why I named my new CD “The History of Bacon”!

$10 advance or at the door. Showtime is 8:00.

For advance tickets, click here

Thanks to Sun Radio for having us play their “Texas Radio Live” Series at Guero’s Taco Bar!

Click here to see David Fore & Friends Live Show Calendar.

SXSW is wrapped up for DF&F

What a weekend, 3 gigs in 2 days!
Thanks to everyone who came out to see our “unofficial” shows. I especially appreciate the kids in “Delivery Service“, the band from California, that stuck around for my set at Austin’s Pizza. They were so enthusiastic!

I lost my voice after Saturday night’s show at The Owl in Elgin, but miraculously it came back stronger than ever for our show at G&S Lounge. Thanks to Al Gill of The Footnotes for being so loud!

Thanks to Freddie Steady Krc for the gigs. Much appreciated!

DF&F personnel…

The “Friends” part of “David Fore and Friends”

First up Walter ” Woot” Talley. To get clues about Woot, check out his calendar here .
Woot and I have been friends/bandmates since the 1980’s! He was in the band Rabbit for years, they shuffled personnel, and became “Carla And The Cast”. That’s when I joined the band. We were immensely popular on the frat/club scene, playing every week for years! Woot’s got “Woot Talley and the Box‘, “The Jacks“, and he plays in my band “David Fore and Friends” (you’re in 2 or 3 bands, right?)

Next up, Ronn Roberts is the bass player for “The Eggmen” and our bass man in “David Fore and Friends”. He is a founding member of The Eggmen, and a serious bass guitar collector. We’ve been friends for probably 18 years or so. Ronn is fabulous on the bass, he’s very intuitive when coming up with parts for my songs. Go see him, and myself, in the Beatles Tribute Band “The EggMen

DF&F at Freddie Steady’s two wild unofficial SXSW shows

March 16th and 17th!

Here’s this weekend’s schedule:

Saturday we’re at Austin’s Pizza 2:30-3:00. The address is 2928 Guadalupe (right next door to Antone’s Record Shop)

Saturday at 7:00 we’re playing The Owl Wine Bar in Elgin Texas
Sunday we’re at G&S Lounge 2:00-3:00. The address is 2420 South First Street.

Sunday 2:00-3:00 we’re at G&S Lounge. The address is 2420 South First Street.

Really looking forward to these shows, look at all the fun acts!


Sunday at G&S Lounge. The address is 2420 South First Street.

1:00 – Patterson Barrett

2:00 – David Fore

3:00 – Bianca DeLeon

4:00 – Dirty Echoes

5:00 – Freddie Steady’s Wild Country

6:00 – Rex Foster

7:00 – Staehely Brothers,

8:00 – December Fades

Malford Milligan and David Fore – Sun Radio Show!

Wednesday April 17th at 6:00 pm.

Making April 17th plans? I know I am! Sun Radio is hosting a show at Gueros on April 17th that you’ll love. It’s Malford Milligan headlining, with David Fore & Friends opening at 6:00. Sounds like fun, right? As usual I’ll be joined by the Fab duo of Woot Talley on guitar and Ronn Roberts on bass!

Click here for details about the show.

Malford Milligan and Dave Fore

A Little Time Off

Until our next gig:
March 16 and 17th – Antone’s Records SXSW (alt.) show, showtime is 2:00 both days!.

So I’ve been hitting this new band /CD/ get gigs thing pretty hard for over a year now. I guess my body told me to take some time off as I had a pretty bad cold this week! Anyway, here’s some photos to keep you busy while I’m healing…

Threadgill’s Feb 2nd Review.

Our first appearance at the legendary Threadgill’s Old #1 was a smashing success! Great room and staff. Woot Talley, Dave Fore, and Ronn Roberts tore it up! We were joined by Amy and Julie Crow for a rocking rendition of our new song “White Wine”. Fabulous audience! Stay tuned, we will be back.

Ronn and Dave

Dave at El Mercado

Click here to see David Fore & Friends Live Show Calendar.

El Mercado Backstage show!

Thanks to everyone who came to this show!

Support live music! Come to our Jan 19th show at El Mercado Backstage!

My friends showed up in numbers for my CD Release Party. Thank you all! That was my first real show as “David Fore and Friends”. So, the challenge is to get folks to come out for this second gig this Jan 19th at El Mercado Backstage. If they are kind enough to show up, I’ll most likely get more shows there, and it’s a great place to play! So come see Woot Talley, Ronn Roberts and myself Jan 19th, and help support my new band and local music!
Larry Seaman and his band are also on the bill! You may know Larry as an artist, or your may remember his band in the ’80’s “The Standing Waves.” Larry’s band now features Chris Bailey, Marty Hobrastch, and Lisa Gammache.

Click here To visit El Mercado Backstage.

Click here To visit Larry’s site.

Click here to see David Fore & Friends Live Show Calendar.